Alter the name of a Q-Liberator compiled job

QLIBJN (formerly QLIBJBN), sets the name of any SBASIC daughter job or
job compiled with Q-Liberator, Turbo (or MBASIC?), while the job is


        QLIBJN 'My little job'

Current versions of QLib, ie V3.35 and V3.36, only allow a job name of
maximum 22 characters (other versions may have lower limits!) As it
stands, QLIBJN will return an error if you try to set a longer name than
22 characters.

Turbo allows for slightly longer job names than Qlib, 36 chars, I believe.
But I have not catered for Turbo here: You will probably crash your system
if you use QLIBJN to enter a name longer than 36 char in Turbo! (Anything
<= should be ok, but youre on your own here..)

If you know that your compiled job will only ever be used as a Thing, as
created with one of the HOT_xxx commands, then the maximum name string may
be extended to 48 characters!

If you wish to use this command for a specific project, where such details
are known, simply change the maxnl EQUate and re-assemble.

If you use this code in your own published programs, an acknowledgement
would be the polite thing to do..

2oo4 Nov 29 .. January 17th 2oi9

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