Quit with code

                Terminate Sbasic program with a(n error) code

V0.01, ©pjwitte 2oo4 March 12th 2004
V0.02, pjw, April 25th 2019, re-organised

This code has been incorporated into SMSQ/E V3.06+. Works with SBASICs
It will probably work with Minerva's MBASICs (not tested)
Under Qdos it only makes sense in compiled programs.

Its up to the designer to determine the meaning of the return code. It
neednt be an error code, it could be any longword value, eg a result of
some calculation performed by the job.


      QUIT [code]

where code is any long integer (optional)

Note: Ignores error where more than one parameter given!


Job #1
        (User-input of date in dt)
        QUIT dt

Job #2
        dt = FEW(<job#1>)
        PRINT DATE$(dt)