Given a function or procedure name, FINDNAME% searches the nametable of
job #0 for a match

©pjwitte 2oo2++             Use at own risk!

System requirements: Any QL. Can be used in compiled programs.


        type% = FINDNAME%(name$)

        where type% = 0 => no match found
                      1 => procedure found
                      2 => function found
              name$ = upper or lower case name to search for

Program status:

You may incorporate and use this command in your own programs provided you
acknowledge the author.

The source code is included so you can make any modifications or bug fixes
you require, or simply to see how it works.

See also my article on how to do this directly from S*BASIC - without the
use of a toolkit. Useful, for example, in application boot files to ensure
that all required toolkits are loaded. Check it out!


V0.03 July 11th 2004
V1.00 April 16th 2019

pjwitte at googlemail dot c0m