This site is dedicated to the QL in general and to QL-programming in particular.

Its unlikely to be of interest to anyone else, so move along, friend.

Whether you are just browsing for ideas, or looking for a specific solution, hopefully you will find this site informative and useful. Comments, bug reports, suggestions for improvements, etc are welcome, as are your ideas and solutions; including tips, tricks, advice warnings and documentation on hidden features, and so on.

Use the links on the left to navigate this site. For the best experience, switch on javascript for this site. Nothing sneaky here!

The "QL" scene is continuously evolving, albeit slowly these days. Occasionally, when I have time or discover some discrepancy, I tweak and update the information. The tweaks Im talking about are those that normally dont get a mention in the Changes list. Or they may relate to external changes that dont require a change in the software here but could affect how it works. Or perhaps there may be the answer to some test I promised to do.. Something that didnt work before may now be possible! Etc. So if youre having a languid day, you could do worse than browse around in stuff youve checked out before!

Happy QL-ing!

(Thanks to the late Lee Privett for this nostalgic QL JS fo(u)nt!)

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