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Some Years Later - An Update!

After a hiatus of more than 10 years I decided to have another crack at Knoware. The intention is to re-do the whole website to bring it up to modern standards. However, this will take time, so I decided to just muddle along in the mean time..

A lot has changed over the years, so some of the stuff you find here is out of date or redundant. Ie things like Wrezmov have now been incorporated into ptrmen_cde and are no longer needed. Some stuff I now find embarrassingly bad, or of no general utility, or too much trouble to modernise. Those items will be weeded out eventually. For other items updates are available - or will be "real soon now!"(R) So watch this space!

There is even some new stuff! That too may be added in due course, once I get round to it, and provided theres an interest.. And heres the rub: I dont sell this stuff, so Ive no way of knowing whether it is being used; whether punters like it and want more - or whether, for whatever reason, theyve had some disappointment, and think the remainder must be crap too from here to eternity.

It takes a lot of effort to make something, that works for me in my cosy home environment, available for general use! I find that hardly anyone is willing to test stuff anymore; either they dont reply, or I am rudely rebuffed(!) So if stuff doesnt work out of the tin, dont blame me! I never knowingly publish broken stuff! So unless you are prepared to give some indication - good or bad! - how any of this works for you, this effort will eventually dwindle away to nought.

Happy QL-ing!

(Thanks are due to Lee Privett for this nostalgic QL JS fo(u)nt! (But rest assured, the remainder of this site uses regular fonts ;o))

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