Snip a piece of screen and save it to file

Connect it to a Hotkey and snip away! Save snips as PIC files or as the much more compact RLE-compressed PAC files. Typical screen type data compresses down to 10-30% of the orginal PIC file size. View with QuickView (QV) or other PAC-capable viewers.

Select the area to snip using mouse or cursor keys, or simply click on the window of a running program to select its entire display.

Saved snips can easily be converted to sprites and other formats for use in your own program developments. (See here for some exmples.)


Box in area to snip

Snip displayed

Snip displayed in QV

As it stands, this utility only runs under SMSQ/E V3.3x+. While Qdos/Minerva are physically capable of running it, it cant be done without a re-write and/or a suitable "compatibility toolkit".

It should run in most common screen modes: 0, (8), 16, 32, 33. (QL mode 8 works, but the mode 0 sprites dont display. Atari mono: not currently supported.)

A sample boot file is included in "..snp_boot". LRUN this to check whether your system has the necessary toolkits loaded. If not it will load them so you can try out the program. You shouild take note of the toolkits it loads, move them to your standard toolkit repository, and add the instructions to load them to your standard boot file. Once you have everything set up you can delete the "..snp_bin_" directory and its contents, as it is not required by Snip to run.