A selection of machine code S*BASIC extensions, usually with source code

This is a small part of a collection of (mainly) single keyword toolkits. One of the differences between these toolkits and most of the myriads of similar toolkits out there, is that their format is designed to make them relatively easy to combine to create bespoke toolkits for any particular purpose. Here's how.

If you want to (re)assemble these toolkits yourself, youll need the Library files. Note: The library files are very dynamic at present, although the version numbers may not change! Always update the Library files here whenever you return to download a new toolkit or update an old one! (Here's the previous one, in case you need it.)

Name Vers Description Remarks
Timer 0.09 Asynchronous timer utility with LED display for S*Basic programs More..
FINDNAME 0.05 S*Basic command FINDNAME% to test for the existence of an S*Basic function or procedure. More..
ERRM$ 0.04 S*Basic function to return an error message as a string. All systems. More..
Pointer Environment
Button 0.05 S*Basic toolkit to use the Button Frame; with examples of use. SMSQ/E, or Qdos + PE. More..
WSPT 0.03 Simple command to draw a PI sprite. More..
RPT% 0.03 The RPT command is required to read the pointer. SMSQ/E or QDOS + PI. More..
Wosz 0.03 Get a window's size, origen and outline. SMSQ/E or QDOS + PI. More..
SCRXY 0.02 Get the display size, without the use of a channel. SMSQ/E and QDOS + PI More..
JobWin 0.01 Selection of tools to get information on the job under the pointer. SMSQ/E and Qdos + PI. More..
SYSSPR 0.04 Selection of tools to get/set (system) sprite information. SMSQ/E and Qdos + PE. (Renamed from SPRA) More..
SGPT 0.02 Use the SPT command so set, and GPT to get the pointer position. SMSQ/E or QDOS + PI. More..
PickJob 0.01 Pick a job to the top of the pile. SMSQ/E or QDOS + PI. More..
CV2NAT 0.02 Convert graphics data from any GD2 mode to the current GD2 display mode. More..
Rpix 0.04 RPIX% and RPIX24 - read a pixel off screen or window in Native or RGB mode. GD2 modes only. More..
WPIX 0.02 WPIX - write a pixel in a window using INK or the current COLOUR_XXX mode. GD2 modes only. More..
PCBO 0.02 PC Byte Order. Swap bytes in a word from big-endian to little-endian (and vice versa). SMSQ/E & compiled only. More..
MBLK 0.01 Move a block of graphics memory. SMSQ/E (and possibly QDOS+PE V2+). More..
DERLE 1.00 DERLE - De-RLE. Uncompress GD2 sprite data. More..
RLE 0.03 ENRLE and DERLE. Compress or decompress graphics data for sprites and PICs. All systems. More..
QLIBJN 0.04 Alter name of compiled jobs on the fly. Now with up to 48 characters! (See section NEW.) More..
SUSJB 0.02 SUSJB. Compatibility commands for Qdos/Minerva and SMSQ/E < V3.34. More..
THGutil 0.01 Thing commands to find and remove Thing, using SMSQ/E libraries.. SMSQ/E More..
Channels and Files
Chans 0.31 Channel peek toolkit for SMSQ/E Sources included. All systems. Examples..
IOB Tools 0.05 Four S*BASIC commands wrapping the traps. More..
MDinfo 1.07 Advanced MeDia Information toolkit. DDL1 and DDL2 Qdos, SMSQ/E, compilable. More..
GETCOL 0.03 Get the paper, strip or ink colour of a scr/con channel. All systems. More..
FDEL 0.02 DELETE as a function. Ie FDEL returns an error code rather than bombing out! Qdos/Minerva, SMSQ/E < V3.35. More..
Numbers, Math and Miscellaneous
LDIV/LMOD 0.01 LDIV and LMOD are 32 bit versions of DIV and MOD. More..
HASH 0.01 Convert a string to a 32bit hash value. SMSQ/E or compiled only! More..
NumI2S 0.02 Convert numbers into their internal representation as strings and vice versa. More..
LIN2STR 0.04 Converts a long integer to (readable) string. More..
FLT2HEX 0.02 Converts a float to a 12-digit hex string. More..
Even 0.04 ODD - returns TRUE if long integer is odd. EVEN rounds an int/long UP to nearest even integer. More..
VALID 0.03 Validate a variable or input. Article or Readme..
Arrays and Data
MATTool 0.10 Array (MATrix) manipulation Toolkit. Sort, search, fill, equate, etc.. All systems. More..
VLS 0.02 Load or save a list of scalar and array variables to disk and selectively load them back. All systems. More..
LDATA 0.01 Function to load a data file into memory, returning its address. Remove with RECHP. Qdos/Minerva + TK2, or SMSQ/E. More..
Strings and Text
CMP 0.01 Simple assembler and S*Basic tools to compare strings. More..
STUFF 0.02 Command to stuff strings and codes into a consol's keyboard queue. More..
JUST 0.03 JUSTify text in a field. More..
Str1TK 0.03 STRing ToolKit I: DETAB$, REVERSE$, UPPER$, LOWER$ More..
Str2TK 0.04 STRing ToolKit II: REMOVE$, EXTRACT$ - Takes the fiddle out of string slicing! More..
Str3TK 0.04 STRing ToolKit III: INSTR%, QINSTR%, ALTSTR% - Aid to searching and parsing strings More..
StrTK 0.05 STRing ToolKit Complete: Contains all three toolkits above and then some More..
WILD 0.03 String search with WILDcards More..
Wirx 0.24 Advanced string search with WILDcards More..
TXCD 0.03 String parsing: CoDe to TeXt and TeXt to CoDe. More..
PePoStr 0.03 S*Basic commands PEEKSTR$ and POKESTR$ to get/put strings in memory. More..
Choice 0.02 Two S*Basic commands to aid in SELecting items. More..
Compatibility Toolkits
Dates 0.02 SMSQ/E date compatibility toolkit for Qdos and Minerva Sources, instructions and More..
Q2S 0.01 Qdos to SMSQ/E. All-in-One compatibility toolkit for Qdos (including the three below). More..
OUTLN 1.00 The OUTLN command is required to use certain PI programs. QDOS + PI. More..
SUSJB 0.02 SUSJB. Compatibility commands for Qdos/Minerva and SMSQ/E < V3.34. More..
FDEL 0.02 DELETE as a function. Ie FDEL returns an error code rather than bombing out! Qdos/Minerva, SMSQ/E < V3.35. More..
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