Array (or MATrix) TOOLkit, for manipulating array data in various ways.

This toolkit, and the other array toolkit here, VLS, dont conform to the same pattern as the other toolkits at present. In time I intend that they will, so that it will be easier to use only those parts one needs for any given project. However, I find these commands so useful in so many different situations, that I would like other QL programmers to benefit from them too.

Some commands are missing from this toolkit (for various reasons) and others dont work as advertised, so you'll have to try things out for yourself to see that you get what you want.

                                                                January 26th 2007

Built, added to, patched and fixed over many years, MATTOOL is a work in progress.

Mattool has not been systematically tested in its present form. Although, when I
develop a routine I try to make it as general as possible, systematic testing is
normally limited to the particular use for which it was intended. (Thus I only
recently discovered that there was a bug in sorting negative integers below -255!)

It is a programmers' toolkit to help add speed, functionality and intelligence to
SuperBASIC programs. It is not designed to be simple to use from the command line.

						For best results read the manual!


The author is not responsible for any damage caused by this software:

                                Use at own risk!

If you are a QL-user, you may use this software for your own purposes as you please,
provided you do not pass off the code or derivatives as (exclusively) your own work,
and that you mention its provenance in your documentation.

The full source code is part of the distribution. The key files (includes) may be had
from the SMSQ/E Registrar.

Please feed back any improvements and bugfixes!


V0.10 First release