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Name Description Remarks
Printer Drivers for the PSION Programs Describes the ins and outs of Psion's printer driver. Put them to unusual uses! First published in QL World in 1986. Level: General
Valid Description and assembler source of a variable validation command for S*Basic Assembler level: Beginner, S*Basic: General
Parameter Passing Techniques in S*BASIC Description of passing parameters by value or reference; arrays; coercion and other weighty matters Level: Intermediate to advanced
WRESZ V0.03 PDF On interactive resizing of a program window. (Opens PDF in new tab/window) Download code here.
Virus A QL virus type program written in SuperBASIC. Requires TK2. Level: Intermediate
Take a Hint! Article explains how to add hinting to your PE programs! Level: Easy with EasyPtr
Pox How to display windows larger than the program window and other intermediate PE programming topics. Developed with EasyPointer Level: Intermediate. EasyPtr
Sound Advice Add sound to your programs! View the article and Download a copy of the program and samples. Level: Easy
SBldr V0.03 Discussion of the EXEC family of command, and demo on EXecuting numberless SBASIC programs (SMSQ/E, poss Minerva) Level: Easy
SBhtm V0.02 Uses SBASIC as a Thing to tokenise a source file and convert it to navigable HTML. Takes the idea from article above to the next level. Level: General
FindTheKey Check whether a keyword/command exists without the use of a toolkit. An article about PEEKing around in the BASIC variables! Level: Advanced
Labels Demo of how labels can be implemented in numberless S*BASIC programs. Just for fun!
Graphic Formats Describes the PAC/PIC and PSA formats and associated file extensions.
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