Peek or poke strings or bytes

Compatible with Qdos and SMSQ/E, although not optimised for SMSQ/E and

Minimal error trapping!

Addresses must be even, and point to valid locations. Max string length =
32764 characters.



        POKESTR$ addr, str$ [!]

        Places (len+) string at address
        If trailing separator supplied => poke string bytes only (ie,
        no length word.)

Either way, unlike SMSQ/E's POKE$, address must be even!


        str$ = PEEKSTR$(addr [, count%])

        Returns (len+) string bytes located at addr
        If no count is given the first word peeked is considered to be
        the length count.

Either way, unlike SMSQ/E's PEEK$, address must be even!

Invalid string length or count returns nul.

V0.01, pjw, 06 Apr 2001
V0.02, pjw, 06 Apr 2019, test for max string length!
V0.03, pjw, May 29th 2019, modularised

Conditions of use and disclaimer as per