Always update the Library files here whenever you return to download a new
toolkit or update an old one!

These are the the most common library files for all my toolkits. In this
instance Ive only included the sources for files authored by others than
myself, so as to show the proper attributions. My own source files may be
available later if they are needed, but it involves some boring effort, so
Im leaving them out for now. In the mean time they are available by request.

sbu_lib         - Common S*BASIC interpreter routines
str_lib         - String handling routines
gut_lib         - General utilities
cv_lib          - Conversion routines (text, numeric)
thg_lib         - Thing routine library
ccv_lib         - Colour conversion primitivs
io_lib          - Common IO routines
cdb_lib         - Channel Block Definition routines
appspr_lib      - Application sprites
src ->          - Source code for PD routines

Note: These libraries are rather fluid at present, as a major
re-organisation process is under way! When the next version update
arrives, it might be useful to delete the old library files and directory
structure and install the new one. This will cause a number of toolkits to
no longer assemble! The fix is to download the latest update to the toolkit,
as I will try to keep these up-to-date with any alterations in the toolkit

In rare cases a new library will make it impossible to reassemble a file
that was made using a previous library. This is because I cant be asked to
update all previous toolkits to comply with those changes. Here are all the
previous versions of the libraries that were used in case you need them: from 2021/11/10 Added thg_jump from 2020/04/20 Virtually same as 02! from 2020/02/27 .. from 2019/06/25 ..

V0.04, 2021 Nov 12

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