Miscellaneous commands to get details of job under the pointer

These commands were written as help routines for a project I was (am)
working on to implement some simple Drag and Drop functionality between
programs. However, they can be used for other things too!

You probably wont need all three in the same program, but I have lumped
them together here as they share some code and similar capabilities. Its
easy enough to remove the bits you dont want.


        pjobid = PTRJID

        Returns the job ID of the top job under the pointer in pjobid

        pchid = PTRCHID

        Returns the Outline channel ID of the top job under the pointer

        jid = PTRJOBWIN(prime%, xs%, ys%, xo%, yo%)

        jid    is the job ID of the job under the pointer

        prime% is a flag to indicate whether details of the primary, or
                  merely the current subwindow of the job under the
                  pointer are wanted

        xs%, ys%  are the window's size, and

        xo%, yo%  are the window's origen in absolute pixels

See the individual readme's for details and examples of use.

Software status:

V0.01, pjw, June 5th 2019, combined toolkit, for the purposes of Knoware

Conditions of use and disclaimer as per