Set pointer & Get pointer

SPT is a simple wrapper for the IOP.SPTR trap. All it does is set the
pointer to a given position.

GPT gets the current pointer position directly from the driver


Error trapping is rudimentary as it is expected that the programmer will
get their paramters right at the point of implementation!

These commands require the Pointer Interface to be present. It does not
check this!



        SPT[#chan,] [key%,] x%, y%

        #chan is a S*BASIC channel number, default #0
        key% is an optional key:
            -1 => relative to current window,
             0 => absolute position on screen (default),
             1 => relative to the channel's hit area
        x%/y% are coordindates to set 0..max%
             max% depends on the key%:
             absolute coordinates => anywhere within screen boundries
             relative coordinates => anywhere within the specified area

There are no return values, and errors are "hard", ie they stop program

This command may be usefully employed together with RPT% as RPT% does not
set the pointer itself.


        GPT x%, y%

The current coordinates are returned in x%, y%. If either parameter is
missing, or either parameter is not an integer variable, that parameter
is skipped. No errors are reported.

Software status

V0.01, pjw, 2020 Mar 22, based on earlier work
V0.02, pjw, 2020 Aug 27, GPT added

Conditions of use and DISCALIMER as per