Two functions to test for even or odd

                     NB! New, incompatible version of EVEN!


        even_number  = EVEN(long_int)

or, special case, using integer math:

        even_number% = EVEN(int%)

The function EVEN rounds UP to the neares even integer. Ie

        PRINT EVEN(99)  - returns 100
        PRINT EVEN(-99) - returns  98
        PRINT EVEN(1)   - returns   2
        PRINT EVEN(-1)  - returns   0

        oddness% = ODD(lint)

        Returns lint's bit #0, ie TRUE if lint is odd

Program status

V0.01, pjw, 2oo1
V0.02, pjw, 2oi6, new design
V0.03, pjw, 2oi8, quicker, shorter; added ODD
V0.04, pjw, 2019 Jul 21, redesigned EVEN

Conditions of use and disclaimer as per Knoware.no