March 22nd 2004

Timer is ©pjwitte 2oo4.
WL_DRAW_LED is copyright (c) W. Lenerz 2003

Timer is a job attached to a SB keyword that counts the time in 1 sec steps
and, optionally, displays the result in a SB channel. The timer is not
designed for accuracy! It synchronises on a clock tick and then maintains
synchonisation until timeout. Accuracy is within 1 second how ever long the
timing period.

WL_DRAW_LED Draws numbers as seven segmented LEDs.


The authors are not responsible for any damage caused by this software:

                                Use at own risk!

You may use this software for your own, non-commercial, purposes as you please.

The full source code is part of the distribution. The key files (includes) may
be had from the SMSQ/E Registrar.

Please feed back any improvements and bugfixes!


Timer V0.08 released March 22nd 2004
Timer V0.09 released March 27th 2005 Added command to switch display on or off
Timer V0.10 released April 23rd 2019 Re-organised files, no functional change