Thing Utils

                   A (growing) assortment of Thing utilities


This toolkit is compatible with SBASIC (SMSQ/E) or compiled SuperBASIC
(Q-Liberator and Turbo). Obviously, the Thing system needs to be present,
as in SMSQ/E or Qdos + hot_rext.



        ERT THG_REMV(<thing name>)

will get rid of the Thing - providing it is not in use. If you installed
the Thing with HOT_RES or similar, you may still have to remove the key
association with HOT_REMV afterwards.

Tip: If you install a Thing with HOT_CHP you can easily remove the Thing
and its key association with HOT_REMV. However, if you install a Thing with
HOT_RES, HOT_REMV will only detach the key association from the Thing, and
not remove the Thing itself. You could then use TH_REMV to remove the Thing
if it is possible to do so (ie it is not in use, and it incorporates the
proper code to clean itself up before being removed.)


Can you use EXEP or must you use EXEC? Find out if a Thing exists before
you error out on EXEP!

        found = THG_FIND(<thing name>)

Like FTEST, it returns 0 if exists, and -7 if not found. Thing names are
case-agnostic, so "Files" == 'files', etc.

There are, of course, many other things you can do with Things, but that
is not for here and now..

Programming notes

This is more of a programming example (or perhaps the beginnings of a
new toolkit collection!) than a full-blown toolkit.  However, I have found
it useful to have such commands in my toolbox.

It is different from the other toolkits in my pick 'n' mix toolkit
collection, in that it uses the SMSQ/E source libraries rather than my
own. This may be the future for my own toolkits too, as it ties better in
with the SMSQ/E paradigm, it may reduce code size and improve performance
and, as it uses tried and tested libraries, may contain fewer bugs.

Software status

The library sources are not included here. They may be found with the
SMSQ/E source files. They are copyright their respective authors.
The remaining code, ie that produced by me, is subject to the DISCLAIMER
and conditions found at

V0.01, pjw, 2020 Mar 22
V0.02, pjw, 2020 Jun 18, Name change, and THG_FIND added