This command requires the Pointer Interface [PI] to work, ie
you must have (at least) ptr_gen loaded. You dont need this
for SMSQ/E as it already has both the PI and OUTLN built in!

If you already use something like EasyPtr, use its OUTL
command instead. If you use Qptr, then OUTLN is already part
of that toolkit.

This toolkit is desgined for those who wish to use Qmenu or
merely some simple pointer programs under Qdos/Minerva and
dont want to use any of the other parts of the Pointer

  OUTLN [#ch,]xsize,ysize,xorg,yorg[,xshad,yshad][,move]

        Option  Default  Meaning
        xshad     0      no x shadow
        yshad     0      no y shadow
        move      0      discard window contents

The OUTLN procedure sets the "outline" of a window, and signals
to the Pointer Interface that the window is "managed".

Only managed windows with managed "primaries" may be used for
pointer input: S*BASIC's primary window is usually #0.

The three optional parameters default to zero, but you can
specify the move key, the shadow widths, or both if you wish.
The shadow will appear to the right or the bottom if xshad or
yshad are positive. The move key will discard the current
window contents if it is zero, or move them to the new
position if it is set to 1 - you must keep the x and y sizes
the same for this to work! If you set the outline of a
secondary window, then the area underneath it will be saved,
and restored when the outline is set again: this allows you to
implement pulldown windows without having to do the saves and
restores yourself.

In order to achieve the best possible compatibility with the
existing OUTLN command in SMSQ/E and Qptr, the code for it
was nicked straight out of the SMSQ/E sources! That code,
again, was nicked from the Qptr source code.

The description (above) was nicked straight out of the Qptr

March 15th 2019

pjwitte at g0oglemail dot c0m