Get details of a window/outline

        WINDSZ[#ch,] xsize%, ysize%, xorigen%, yorigen%


        WINDSZ[#ch,] xsize%! ysize%, xorigen%, yorigen%

        Get the size and origen of a given window.

If the separator after xsize% is an ! then the inside dimensions of the
window are returned returned, ie sans any borders, otherwise the
dimensions refer to the outside of the window.

        OUTLSZ[#ch,]  xsize%, ysize%, xorigen%, yorigen%

        Get the size and origen of a job's outline window.

Whichever of the job's window channel is given, it is the outline window's
details that are returned! If there is no outline (ie, the window is
unmanaged) xs% is returned as -1. Dimensions include borders, ie they are
the window's outside dimensions.

For both commands, the values are returned via the paramter list, and are
given in absolute, ie screen, coordinates.

The channel defaults to #0.

Errors: Channel errors, or if not a console, Bad Parameter.
On error the return parameter values are invalid.

Software status
V0.01, pjw, 02 Sep 2018
V0.02, pjw, June 5th 2019
V0.03, pjw, 2019 Jul 01, added inside dimensions

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