Preview of D-Miner

Can you safely uncover all the mines (without stepping on one!) before the clock runs out?

Image of D-Miner

D-Miner in grey livery

One of the first QL games to show off some of the advanced aspects of the "new" UI: High colour (D-Miner requires at least an Aurora, ie mode 16, to run. Real SSS sounds (which, natually, can also be switched off) give it an extra dimension, but that requires at least a Q40 (possibly a Q68 - I havent had any feedback on that yet). For best results, though, nothing yet beats playing D-Miner on QPC2! (On SMSQmulator, the sound is at present not quite what it should be.)

D-Miner is highly configurable. While perfectly playable, the game is not yet quite finished as it doesnt record scores and statistics. However, the source code is included, so you can improve it - or just see how it works.