QOMBI is a sort of card game. If you are to believe the blurb it is

"A game to engage the other side of your brain."

QOMBI plain, smallest size

There are two tricks in this image, though they are mutually exclusive

The idea is to find tricks and remove them from the table. A trick is when you have three cards that have zero or more features in common, and all remaining features different. A feature is Shape, Number, Colour, and Filling. You can choose to do a timed or un-timed game. The program maintains a running score, and the ten best games can be listed.

As much as possible it tries to showcase some of the abilities of SMSQ/E, so, for example, it is highly configurable with regard to display and things (see below). Im neither a great programmer nor a designer - its not what I do, so its far from perfect, and a lot more polish could go into it if it were worthwhile doing. Its designed for SMSQ/E with high colour, min 512x384 resolution, and (preferably) sound. It needs at least 1Mb of RAM and about 1Mb of room on a reasonably fast hard drive.

QOMBI configured, largest size (compressed)

QOMBI is highly configurable

If you dont read manuals, at least read the readme, or you WILL be disappointed.