Mag - or Magnify - (very) simple utility to magnify part of the screen

This utility is strictly GD2 only. It also requires EasyPtr's ptrmen_cde and
QLib_sms or QLib_run to run.

This is not a "proper" utiltiy program. It is just a quick hack that I
found so useful I thought I might as well share it!


It is best put on a hotkey, for example, if you have fast storage:

        ERT HOT_LOAD1("M", '<path>Mag_obj'; '8')


        ERT HOT_RES1("M", '<path>Mag_obj'; '5')

if you have plenty of RAM.

However, you can also just EXECute it in the normal manner:

        EX '<path>_mag_obj'; '<magnification>'

where <magnification> is a size between 2 and ? If you specify a size too
large the program will simply error! (On my 1920x1080 screen 15 is the

If you want to inspect part of the screen more closely, press ALT+SHIF+M
(if you used my suggestion above). The cursor changes to a 64x64 pixels
square outline, and a larger pane pops up at the top right of the screen.

HIT     the location you wish to magnify
DO      somewhere on the screen to move the display to a suitable location.
Press   k or K to Keep a copy of the magnified image
Press   ESC to exit the program

As it stands, the program can save up to ten snapshots of magnified
screen, one for each time you press k or K - or until you run out of space
or memeory. The snapshots are saved as _pic files on ram1_ and can be
viewed with many QL image viewers.

The program is kept as simple as possible, but all the source code is
available for you to make your own thing of it.

Software status

V0.01, pjw, June 10th 2019
V0.02, pjw, 2019 Jul 01, Added Keep

Conditions of use, disclaimer and contact info as per