Theme Utilities

This is a small collection of, possibly, useful programs, scripts and code
snippets to showcase the use of Themes in general and the new Theme File
Format, THB, in particular.

This piece is only relevant to users of SMSQ/E and/or Wman2. (The rest of
you might want to check out what youre missing ;))

Unzip this archive to a suitable location. Unzip will create two
sub-directories under that location with the following files:


              Themes_txt        - Information and instructions
              THM2THB_bas       - tool to convert THM files to THB
              SetPalB_bas       - utility to set system palettes
              SiThVi_obj        - Simple Theme file Viewer
              SiThVi_bas        - source code for the above

              qpc2_thb          - A selection of theme files -
              copper_thb          not created by me! - in both THM
              blue_thb            and THB formats

Requirements and limitations:

These utilities and themes are for GD2-enabled systems of 256 colours or
more. Ie, requires SMSQ/E v3+  May work with Qdos/Minerva and Wman v2+ on
Aurora systems?

The theme viewer requires a minimum screen hight of 480 pixels! 600 pixels
or more is better. The remaining stuff here doesnt have that restriction.

V0.04, pjw, November 26th 2017