Yet another QL graphics viewer program!

QuickView, or QV, is a no-frills graphics file viewing program - a spin-off of a larger project that may one day see the light once a few issues have been resolved.

Made to be started by some other program, with details of the graphic passed to it via the command line, it has no file selector, and only limited functionality: It is designed to VIEW graphics files, nothing more. Supported files are pic, psa and screen dumps of mode 0, 8, 16, 32, 33, and 64, and foreign formats jpg, png, gif, zxd, and bmp*.

Note: As it stands, this program is in beta. It is untested outside my comfy, familiar home environement. It is also an unfinished work in progress! If you decide to try is out you are helping me test it for bugs, implementation choices and experiemntal excesses. So thank you very much! However, this also means it could crash your system, wipe out all you data, lead to the next Chernobyl or boil the North Pole! So take whatever precautions necessary - and then: Let me know how you get on!

Tiled display

Tiled display

Cascaded display

Cascaded display, assorted themes

Fly with menu

Fly with menu

Quick Start

If you know your SMSQ/E, PE, GD2, Q-Liberator, EasyPointer, and FileInfo2, you probably can skip the manual. You might, however, like to run the boot program that comes with it to check whether everything you need is there.

* BMP files have only rudimentary support at present. A better toolkit to handle most BMP file formats is being prepared.