File- and disk-related utility programs, scripts, etc

Most of my PE programs require a toolkit called ptrmen_cde from the EasyPtr suit of programs.

Name Vers Description Remarks
FastFind B.95 Search for files by name, extension, date and contents using wildcards PE, HDD. Still in the experimental stages. More..
Qwirc 0.66 Manage multiple "QXL.WIN" drives from this handy little console. PE. QPC2 and SMSQmulator only! More..
QLWARZ 0.01 A hack to "stretch", "shrink" or merely "refresh" a QXL.WIN hard disk. QPC2 only! (but adaptable) More..
DOX 0.12 Browse a DOS or NFA folder to select a file or directory for use in another program. PE. QPC2/SMSQmulator only. More..

The essence of archiving is in the retrieval, not the storage
- pjw