General utilities and programs

Some items require ptrmen_cde and/or Qmenu. Get them here.

Name Vers Description Remarks
dbf2htm 0.04 Convert your Archive databases to html tables View dbf2htm sample output
sb2htm 0.98 Convert your S*Basic programs to navigable html! View sb2htm sample output
LX2 0.04 Launch Psion XChange modules as independent programs PE, Qmenu. LX2 in action..
PED 0.13 Manage your PSION printer drivers with this handy utility PE. Screen shot
ModView 0.06 Load an SMSQ/E binary for any platform and view info on modules it contains. PE, ptrmen_cde + Qmenu. Screen shot
StuffScrap 0.05 Stuff up to 2k of Scrap text into keyboard queue. Copy/Paste between QPC2 or SMSQmulator and host OS. Requires Qmenu's Scrap Thing. More..
CrossHairs 0.03 Align and measure objects on screen with this tool. Requires Qptr or other toolkit, but can be changed. More..
MkConfig 0.04 Create a config item Create a single config item in valid S*BASIC for inclusion in a program. The config item is compilable! Code and instructions..
Dax 0.03 Date entry tool Menu driven, external date entry utility for use by other PE programs. View Readme here or see an illustration here. PE, all colour modes.
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