A selection of games and light-hearted utilities

A note on these games

Name Vers Description Remarks
Last Match 0.02 Is the QL smarter than you? My first PE game QL + PE or SMSQ/E. Preview..
D-Miner 0.22 A Minesweeper type game (320+Kb!). Requires SMSQ/E 3.0x or better, with GD2 (colour drivers) and QMenu by JMS. Sampled sound system optional. Hard disk recommended. Preview..
Cabal   A Patience card game. GD2 only! Game 35% complete. Preview..
QOMBI 0.96 A (rather different) solitaire card game. High-end GD2 systems only! More.. HTML version of the manual.
Screen Savers
Block 0.01 Stand-alone screensaver, or use with Cuedark. Supplied as compilable source Sliding blocks. GD2-compatible
Ssave 0.02 A collection of screen savers, including the ubiquitous Starfield Simulation GD2 only: Rotating disks, startdust, starfield, exchange squares. More..
MatriQx 0.01 Yet another useless screen saver. SMSQ/E GD2 only. More..

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