A Word about Word Lists

For the original WQRDLI I had intended to include as many five and six
letter English (GB) words as possible so I downloaded a vast PD word list
from GitHub. On closer inspection, a disturbing number of words didnt look
like any English Id ever known. Great for using as guesses, I guess, but
horrible if you need to try to guess at them!

So, for the current word list: I took Geoff Wicks' PD Solvit dictionary as
my starting point. I sifted the wordlist into separate files of five and
six letters. I then loaded them into M$ Word and did a spell check on them
there. Ive tried to choose with the particular game in mind: These wont be
general-purpose wordlists for spell checking or the like!

1. I removed:
♢ All personal names and place names, but not where used as adjectives ie
dutch, aztec, zulus - even where normally spelled with a leading capital
♢ All words containing hyphens or apostphes: by-line, co-opt, we'll,..

2. I simplified:
♢ English words spelt with accents: eclat, saute, cliche,.. (as these
arent easy to find on UK/US QL keyboards) (I wouldnt do that for French,
for example!)

3. I retained:
♢ Some acronyms and common terms: ascii, emacs, cobol, epsom, unesco..,
♢ including some brand names, personal names, and place names that have
become common words: xerox, willy, vichy,..
♢ Many ancient personal names and place names (not used today): apollo,
icarus, christ (but not Jesus); albion, thule (but not delphi), athena, ..

4. I weeded:
♢ Some words the M$ spell checker fussed about, but which seemed familiar
or at least plausible to me, I looked them up in Oxford Talking Dictionary,
and if not found there they were thrown out.

Finally, I spell checked the lists again with TextPad's spell checker and
weeded out some more doubtful, debatable, or misplaced words. No doubt,
there will still be mistakes in my final lists!

The result is two new word lists for WQRDLI of some 4200 5-letter words
(from a starting point of 4862) and some 6800 6-letter words (from a
starting point of 7534)

They have now been replaced in the WQRDLI distribution. If you didnt get
them first time around, download them from here (below). The program itself
hasnt been changed. Simply unzip them into your WQRDLI _dic directory.

Other languages

Youre on your own here for now - unless people can be coaxed into sharing
their separate endevours. If you have QTYP you can at least make your own
personal lists in English, French and German to start you off. Download
the SuperBASIC (+TK2) script below, edit the first few lines to suit your
circumstances, and RUN it to create your WQRDLI-compatible word list(s).

If you are using Linux or similar you can extract wordlists from your
built-in spellchecker. Try:

aspell dump master en_GB | grep '^[a-z]\{5\}$' | cut -d / -f 1 | sort>enGB

replacing the en_GB/enGB with your own language code. (In some cases
you need to exchange the $ with a / for some reason).

Thanks to Tobias (tofro) for this great tip and for the German word list

 en - 4200+ 5-letter and 6800+ 6-letter words in
 British English.

 cy - 2900+ 5-letter AND 4200+ 6-letter words in Welsh (Cymraeg = cy).
 Many thanks to Dilwyn Jones for this!

 de - 2227 5-letter words in German.
 All lowercased, including nouns (normally capitalized in German).

Software Status

You may use these word lists as you like for other QL programs provided
you credit their provenence.

Conditions and DISCLAIMER as per Knoware.no