WQRDLI - pronounced WORDLY, is a simple solo word game, something between a
crossword puzzle and Master Mind(R).

If this is the first time you install WQRDLI, skip to the Requirements

Updaters may wish to follow the steps below to save their score files
and/or the trouble of re-writing their configuration files. If none of
that matters, then just skip down to Requirements, below, and install
WQRDLI anew!

Whats new in V0.03?

This update requires two small changes to your wqrdli_cfg file(s)! See the
manual for details!

By popular demand Ive added a character elimination display to the
program. As the game progresses, any characters in your guess that do not
match any character in the hidden word are marked. This should make it
easier to spot characters that should be avoided in your next guess.

Whats new in V0.02?

The only change to WQRDLI with this version compared to the previous one is
that now also losses are logged to the score file. This has resulted in a
small change to the score file format. For more information see the
"Whats new in V0.02?" section in the manual.

Updating V0.01 -> V0.02

If you previously installed the game to, say

        EX "win1_zip_unzip"; "ram1_WQRDLI0x.zip -d dev1_games_"

to update you just do the same again! (Recommended!)

When unzip prompts you to overwrite you could reply with an A for [A]ll

WARNING: This may also overwrite your config file! So if you wish to keep
this you need to rename it or move it out of the way first and then
restore it after unzipping.


   SMSQ/E V3.36+

   Qdos/Minerva with
     + PE2 = ptrgen V2.06+, and wman V2.09+
     + TK2 V2.31+ (earlier versions may work)
     + Home_bin V1.02 (optional but recommended)
     + Q2S_bin V0.03+  *

 + Qlib_run or Qlib_sys V3.36+
 + EasyPtr's ptrmen_cde V4.10+

* Q2S_bin is a "compatibility toolkit" that adds some SBASIC functionality
to SuperBASIC. Toolkit included in the bin_ sub directory.

The basic required systems extensions are not included with the
distribution as these are widely available from the usual suspects.

Screen 512x384+ (although can be made to run under 512x256 at a pinch)

Modes 0..33. GD2 with QL colours works well (ie 8-colour mode 4)


Unzip the WQRDLI01.zip file into a suitable directory, eg dev1_games_:

        EX "win1_zip_unzip"; "ram1_WQRDLI0x.zip -d dev1_games_"

The zip file will create sub directories under that:

        games_                  your games directory
              wrd_              WQRDLI's main directory
                  dic_          WQRDLI's word list directory (configurable)
                  src_          Source code directory
                  bin_          Toolkits directory

The simplest way to check whether your system satisfies all requirements
is to run the boot file

        LRUN dev1_game_wrd_boot

Make a note of any missing toolkits and add instructions to load these to
your normal boot script. Alternatively you can run the boot script every
time you wish to play WQRDLI.

If your system supports the HOME Thing (ie either SMSQ/E or Qdos with the
Home_bin toolkit) you are now set to run. You can use most program
launchers or simply type:

        EX dev1_game_wrd_WQRDLI_obj

at the command console.

If you dont have the HOME Thing, your best bet is to use QJump's Config
program or JMS's MenuConfig to patch the Home Directory permanently into
the program file. (To revert to using the Home Thing again you need to use
Config to set the home directory to blank.)

You can also specify the Home Directory on the command line, thus:

        EX dev1_game_wrd_WQRDLI_obj; '/H dev1_game_wrd_'

V0.01, pjw, 2022 Feb 09, new dictionaries
V0.02, pjw, 2022 Apr 12, By request: WQRDLI score now includes losses
V0.03, pjw, 2022 Jul 21, character elimination display, minor tweaks

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