Yet another inane, useless "screen saver" from me!

There are a few routines in the source code that may give some inspiration
to anyone wanting to write some text-based graphic games for the QL.
However, this also demonstrates how hopeless it would be to try to make
anything but the simplest fast-moving game for an actual QL in SuperBASIC!
(Something like "Snake" should be ok, though..)

Works best on QPC2, but other platforms may be ok too. EXEC the _bas file,
or F10 it from QD, or LRUN it from a SBASIC daughter job. Alternatively,
EXEC the _obj file if youre happy with the default settings.

On a QL you may have to load the file into an SBASIC environment and alter
the lines 134 and 136 to

134 wsx% = 512
136 wsy% = 256

and then recompile. Alternatively, LRESPR one of my "compatibility toolkits",
eg Scr_bin (available from the Knoware Toolkit page) before EXECuting.
SMSQ/E has these commands built in.

The source code wont run in SuperBASIC without modification, but the
compiled code will work, if the mentioned toolkit is loaded.

Program status

V0.01, pjw, 2021 Dec 04, Some details here at QL Forum.
V0.02, pjw, 2021 Dec 06, somewhat more polished version of the above

Conditions and DISCLAIMER as per