Minimize button for QPC2 and SMSQmulator

Mainly for use in these emulators in full-screen mode. Just click on the
button to minimize the display.

Needs Liberation Software's Qlib_run or equivalent, and JMS'es Qmenu_rext

How To

Unzip the archive to some suitable directory, <path>.
In your boot program enter the following lines, or similar:

        EX '<path>minimize_obj'

Of course, you can replace 'MINIMIZE' with your own text:

        EX '<path>minimize_obj'; 'SLEEP'

This will display SLEEP in the button. Anything beyond 14 characters will be

Further on in your boot file you could add a Hotkey to activate it:

        ERT HOT_WAKE(CHR$(233), 'minimize'): REMark ALT CTR F1

As it stands, the utility expects that you are using the Qpac2 Button_frame
Thing. The position of the button depends on the order in which your buttons
are defined. Ie if you have defined some buttons before executing
minimize_obj, then those buttons will be displayed before the minimize

Program status

V0.03, pjw, 2021 Dec 09

           Conditions of use and DISCLAIMER as per