Tool to load tab-compressed file into QD in human-readable form

A number of SMSQ's key files (for example) are "compressed", ie groups of
spaces are replaced with TABs. This makes them hard to read. If you load
such a file into QD you can press F3 d, and the tabs are converted back to

However, this also changes the file. When you want to quit, you have to go
through the rigmarole of having to confirm etc, instead of just doing a
simple CTL x, and done with it! Should you accidentally re-save the file it
will be uncompressed, which takes up a lot of space. Worse still: Some of
these files are too large for the Qmac Assembler's buffers in their
uncompressed state. This can lead to the assembler throwing hard-to-track

NoTab solves the problem by reloading the file without the tabs. When you
quit QD it doesnt complain of changes. If you do change such a file,
however, then it will still be saved compressed, as you probably intended.

How to

Unzip this file to a suitable location, say <path> then in your boot file
somewhere add a line like the following:

        ERT HOT_CHP1("n", '<path>NoTab_obj')

Next time you load a tab-compressed file, immediately after, press ALT n,
and let NoTab take care of it!

The STUFF command can be found in the toolkits section of

Program status

V0.01, pjw, 2019 Mar 02, after long, annoying, session with Qmac!
V0.02, pjw, 2021 Dec 08, Added STUFF to compilation

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