S*BASIC function to remove leading tabs and spaces from a string

Compatible with all forms of S*BASIC, including compiled


        text$ = DETAB$(<string>)

Where <string> is any legal qstring or expression that evaluates to a
       qstring, with zero or more leading tabs (chr$(9)) and spaces, and

       text$ is the remainder of that string, starting at the first non
       tab, non space character


The original DETAB$/DESPACE$ functions used some library code to do the
string shifting. Thats fine in the context of a toolkit where more than
one command uses these subroutines, but I find myself so frequently using
the DETAB$ command in different contexts that it made sense to make a
stand-alone version as well.

Therefore this version, which is both marginally faster and considerably
more compact (as a stand-alone command) than the previous version. The
previous, non standalone version, can be found in the Str1TK and StrTK string
toolkit collections at

To differentiate it from the other Ive appended an 'f' (for free standing)
to its associated files, although it uses the identical Key file,
KeyDetab_asm, and hence the same name: DETAB$ (though youre, of course,
free to call it whatever you like).

Software status:

V0.05, pjw, 2022 Apr 27, no dependencies, rewrite

        Conditions of use and DISCLAIMER as per