Menu Viewer

              Simple menu previewer for Easymen-type menus

This is a VERY basic program! It may not work properly (or at all!) for
every menu you throw at it!


Qdos + TK2 and SMSQ/E compatible.
Requires ptrmen_cde and QLib_run pre-loaded to run.


    EX <path>MenView_obj; <path>mymenu_men

or better still: attach it to the _men extension via FileInfo2 to use from
your favourite file manager.

DO on the first (as defined in your menu) Loose Item (LI) to move the menu.
If there are no LIs, you could try the standard Wman keystroke CF4.

HIT a LI to toggle its status Select/Unselect.

HIT a sub window; if you hear a BEEP, it is an Application sub Window (AW)

DO on a selected LI - or DO anywhere in an AW to quit. If there are none,
try pressing ESC.

Some menus will cause problems and you'll have to RJOB MenView

Software status:

V0.01, pjw, 2004 Feb 04
V0.02, pjw, 2019 Nov 12

Conditions of use, disclaimer and contact info as per