These are the the most common library files for all my toolkits. Ive now
included all the source files used. A few were not written by me but come
from the SMSQ/E sources or are Public Domain. Those without attribution,
as they were never intended for public sharing, are probably mine.

From now on, if there is a need to update or add to the library, only the
changed or new files will be included in the library update. So this,
V0.05, should be considered a datum. Download and install this, and any
future updates can be unzipped into the same root directory, overwriting
any existing files with the same name.

It took almost a day to sort of sort out most of the library files.
Unfortunately, as I feared, it was necessary to rename some files and some
routines within the files. This means that some programs may not assemble
flawlessly; some fiddling may be required! Since it mainly relates to
older, none-published material, it shouldnt affect anyone else but me.

However, in the odd case where two similar routines with the same name,
but with, for example, different inputs, have ended up in the mix, I am
very sorry! Remember to test everything as best you can before you use
them, and loose them, in your own projects!

sbu_lib         - Common S*BASIC interpreter routines
str_lib         - String handling routines
gut_lib         - General utilities
cv_lib          - Conversion routines (text, numeric)
thg_lib         - Thing routine library
ccv_lib         - Colour conversion primitivs
io_lib          - Common IO routines
cdb_lib         - Channel Block Definition routines
retpat_lib      - Conversion and coersion routines (see retpat_txt!)
appspr_lib      - Application sprites
sysspr_lib      - System sprite library

Note: Always download the latest update to any toolkits you wish to (re-)
assemble. I will try to keep these up-to-date with any changes to the
toolkit library. from 2021/11/27 Added retpat. Sources! from 2021/11/10 Added thg_jump from 2020/04/20 Virtually same as 02! from 2020/02/27 .. from 2019/06/25 ..

V0.05, 2021 Nov 24

Usage and DISCLAIMER as per